Moody Dreams & Aspirations

pedro del hierro jumpsuitDreams are what we live for – if we don’t dream a bit each day than what are we here for? Everyone has a different dream – children dream of growing up, adults dream of changing the world, parents dream their children’s dreams.

I’ve always been a dreamer, an aspirer for more. It’s actually what I thrive on. The hubby has often accused me of living in the clouds, of not being realistic – might even have termed it as ‘fluffy pink balls floating around’. When I wore this Pedro del Hierro jumpsuit, in this luxurious hotel room, all I could think of was dreams and aspirations and how to live and achieve my dreams and aspirations.

If you’re somewhat of an avid dreamer, like me then it’s not always easy to reign your thoughts in and understand how and when those dreams can become reality. The important thing is to understand what the goal is. The word dream implies something unachievable which is why it might not actually be the greatest word to use. An aspiration is a better one, it makes the target feel more achievable and realistic.

Within the fashion world in Malta, I meet many dreamers, many people express how they wish to start working in the industry, as designers, as models, as photographers. Like any other industry, there is a pathway towards the job and it involves a learning curve. Even modelling which does also require good genes has a learning curve, the prettiest girl in the world won’t model well without practice.

Accepting that no one is ‘just born with it’ is one of the first steps towards achieving something, recognising that only hard work will get you there is the other. And even if you’re thinking about using business connections, it might help but remember knowing how and when to maximise assets such as connections still requires a learning curve and hard work.

The next step is doing your research, any industry has a history, any industry already has members, any industry has details waiting for you to absorb. Do your research, study the history, study the people who have made it recognise their pathways to success. And very important – don’t copy. Copying someone else will never help you achieve long-term success.

The last words of wisdom I will give you is to check in with yourself regularly, measure your progress towards achieving your dream, be honest with yourself and recognise your achievements and your downfalls. Remember too, everyone has downfalls, it’s how you react after the downfall that is important.

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

Dream Big

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

pedro del hierro jumpsuit

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit: Pedro del Hierro

Hair: Toni&Guy

Shoes: ALDO

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