Repairing Hair with L’Occitaine

The last beauty review of 2017 and it’s only fitting that it goes to one of the most exciting store openings in Malta in 2017 – L’Occitaine En Provence. It’s a brand I’ve been in love with for about 15 years and I’m over the moon that I can now buy gifts for my family and friends / buy myself treats and rummage around in store.

For Christmas 2017 the brand very kindly asked me to select something from their range of products and I decided to select something from the hair range. My hair is probably the area of my body that gives me the most grief, it is incredibly fine so easily broken, curly and frizzy …you get the picture. This ‘repairing’ shampoo and conditioner range seem perfect for my hair type. I was in between a mask or the prep-cream but I do own some good masks already and no prep-creams so went for that instead.

I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now which isn’t a long period of time but I’ve washed my hair about 4 times in total. The fragrance is heavenly first of all and the shampoo lathers well, hair feels cleansed and not horribly dry which happens to me with some other brands. The conditioner needs to be left on for 3 minutes according to the instructions and I comb it through using a tangle teezer. My hair feels really soft after using the conditioner, I even left it air dry last time and I was surprised as to how nicely the curls dried, still in desperate need of oil and styling creams of course but it felt less coarse and less frizzy than usual.

I tried the prep cream twice before a home blow dry and it did seem to be easier to style than usual, I find it really hard to properly judge these products though, I’m so bad at blowdries anyway but I definitely felt the ends less dry than I sometimes do after inflicting me weak blowdrying talents on them.\

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