Etnia Barcelona

One of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona was a tour of the flagship Etnia Barcelona Store and the chance to wear this creative and stunning shades around the city. I was first introduced to this brand by O’Hea Opticians in Malta, the brand has been recently introduced into their portfolio. What is super interesting is that it is an independent eyewear brand not a subsidiary of a large fashion house. 

When I decided to go to Barcelona, we decided on this little project to immerse myself entirely into the brand. The flagship store is actually in my favourite part of the city- the Gothic Quarter, the new emerging parts of Barcelona known for its creativity, eclectic and artistic flair. Possibly a different Barcelona to the Barcelona of Gaudi that is the most renowned worldwide.

Three terms are at the forefront of this brand’s image and focus – Colour, Quality & Heritage & Art.  Exclusive colours and textures are designed for these stunning frames, inspiration comes from fashion and textile trends. Years of experience allows the company to give their full attention to even the tiniest details. Their lenses, made from pure mineral glass are fantastic (I can attest to his as they allowed me to look straight into the sun without wincing). Art is a huge inspiration for this brand and has inspired them to undertake collaborations for different models with some of the most renowned artists around the world. Their hashtag #BeAnArtist says it all.

The store itself is a dream, no details have been spared and a sense of art and luxury prevail all throughout the building. The multi-floor building is a hub for conferences, specific client meetings, for customers of course and even for events. A gorgeous roof garden can also be found at the top where certain meetings are held during the summer months.

“The lenses we use, produced with pure mineral glass, are the most advanced in the world. They offer the very best colour experience and perfect visual quality, while at the same time providing optimum eye protection and comfort”

A gorgeous brand that can be found in Malta exclusively at  Oh’ea Opticians


Photos : Kurt Paris

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