5 Glamourous Outfits For A Fuller Figure

Ahead of London Fashion Week, I wanted to write a post that focuses on women with beautiful curves.

A lot of the images we see both on catwalks and in magazines seem to ignore this very important set of women, actually, they even seem to ignore women with any boobs whatsoever. Like Im’thin I know, but I do have boobs and hips, the number of times I’ve tried on something and compared myself to the model and gone – yea hunny well it doesn’t look like that!

  1. The Little Black Dress & Big Boobs

Not just because black is slimming (it truly, madly deeply is however) but because the little black dress is an elegant option you NEED to have in your wardrobe. Those nights when you don’t know what to wear? Bring OUT THE DRESS hunny.

If you’re fuller on top then you might want to avoid anything with too many pleats or ruffles across the chest, a v-neck or a scoop neck is the safest neckline.



2. Jeans and Curvy Hips

If you’re blessed with hips that swing and a small teeny waist and upper body skinny jeans or jeggings are not your friends, you might be able to come to a semi-truce by wearing a baggy sweatshirt or t-shirt and making your upper body seem bigger but I only suggest this for those who are rather skinny on top. And even then, the truth is you’ll be obliterating your lovely shape. Stick to a straight leg style or even better-flared jeans that will balance out your hips and bum and create lovely clean lines. Then feel free to emphasise that small waist. After all Kim Kardashian does this every day

If you’re curvy on tops and blessed with lovely hips then go for skinny jeans and rock them thi that powerful confident vibe



3. The Blazer and Curvy Tummies

A tailored suit can look so good on those who perhaps have larger tummies and fuller legs. It’s not the only style that works, there are tons of dresses, especially those that flow that always look great but then again I do think a tailored blazer is the ultimate power dressing. Add a pencil skirt or a smart par of trousers and you’ve got loads of oomph.



4. The All Round Flatterer

The flowy dress works well on many curvy bodies, if you’ve got a small waist, I recommend cinching it in with a belt, and choose different lengths depending on how much of your legs you want to show. Same for the chest area, a nice cleavage can look super duper fab with a flowy dress.



5. The Shoes

Shoes are curve agnostic although I will make an exception for curvy hips, skinny jeans and stilettoes, that is too much fo a shape distorter in my humble opinion. Otherwise, add a fabulous pair of shoes to that outfit and swing them girls hunny.




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