4 Reasons To Try Endermologie

Endermologie treatments at Transforma Cosmetic ClinicI started Endermologie treatments last summer at Transforma Cosmetic Clinic and since then my inbox is always full of questions from people wanting to know more about the treatment so I compiled a list of 4 items as to why you should try the treatment.

1. It’s Painless

Everyone seems to think that this is a painful treatment but it really isn’t, the therapist sets the degree of pressure so that it’s comfortable for you without causing pain.

2. It Works

I really felt this treatment helped reduce both cellulite and inches from my thighs, it’s not plastic surgery and without upkeep, the effects might not last but I go every 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance sessions. I don’t really use creams and such in between though (I should but it always feels like something extra to do) so I feel this is instead of.

3. Helps with Waterwater Retention

The machine has a draining functionality which can be used to stimulate the lymphatic system and help remove both toxins and water.

4. It Requires Little Effort

I generally go for a 1hr double session (instead of splitting them in two) and I spend it lying down on the massage bed whilst on my phone working away,  it’s particularly welcomed when I’m feeling tired.

Endermologie treatments at Transforma Cosmetic Clinic

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