Looking Ahead

One of the best quotes I’ve ever read is “Often the greatest enemy of present happiness is past happiness too well remembered.” – Oscar Hammling. I like to change this around though, to “The greatest enemy of present happiness is a past too well remembered.” Our memories and thoughts hammer away at our brains refusing to be silent, refusing to be put to rest, demanding attention even when none should be given. It is not only the happy memories that have this effect, many memories do, memories of wrong-doings, mistakes made, things not achieved are even worse, as with each recollection, comes that fresh feeling of discomfort and unhappiness.

It’s September now. When we think about it, it is ingrained within us all the way back from our childhood years to view September as the start of something new. Almost more of a new year than an actual new year. As adults, we no longer go back to school, perhaps our kids do but either way, I believe that our minds always do. After the hazy summer, it’s that feeling of directing our minds forward, onto something new, perhaps even away from other memories.

This September I’m definitely craving something new, a change of sorts, holidays to places I’ve never been to, new clothes (do I ever not?) and perhaps a new haircut. Not all changes need to be life-changing to have an impact. Sometimes, even a little thing like a new mascara you wear every day or a new piercing or tattoo, a new exercise routine or a new friend can do the trick. A routine is comforting, familiar sights are also comforting but change gives you the chance to build new memories, to face new fears and let the old thoughts fade away.

Jumpsuit – Cortefiel

Photos Kurt Paris

Shot at Hammet’s Gastro Bar

with Matthew Muxu (wearing Ted Baker)

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