Signature Holiday Ideas

In Malta, there’s the Amitex fair on at the moment, which a huge fair at MCC related to travel and all the different travel opportunities being offered by Maltese travel companies. This year I’m particularly interested because I’ve been trying to get the hubby to commit to a long haul trip with me that’s just a […]

An Afternoon in Paris

Do you get dressed up when you Travel? I didn’t used to, I use to just don a pair of jeans, sweater and hightail it out of the hotel as quickly as can be. Things have changed for a number reasons – 1 social media and my tendency to talk about my life is a large […]

Pink lilac fever

Every season there are a couple of colours that peak but it’s been a while since my favourite colours have been in the direct limelight. Pantone (the main colour company worldwide) have officially declared the colour of 2018 to be ultraviolet which for spring has transformed into lilac and purple blends. Lilac also blends well […]